You can select your comfort colour temperature, the intensity with a simple touch and, while relaxing, you can live the phone on the base to charge. Elegant and functional table lamp Kong is available in two colours: black and white.


Office pendant luminaire ideal as task lighting. The diffused emission toward the ceiling contributes to a general illumination including two function in a single luminaire.


A range of downlight that covers all the different requirements of installation in a modular solution.

Fixture available in 7W and 12W adjustable with a colour temperature of 2700K or 3000K to create a comfortable and warm environment in your preferred space. Available with trim or trimless in round or square version.



UP 42 degrees

The smallest uplighter in 2 different beam angles: 14 and 42 degree. Using an external driver 12V/24V this offers a very flexible and unexpensive solution for indoor or outdoor lighting.


Available also in silver colour, this small bollard can help to create a pathway or delimit an area with an elegant solution.


Use less energy to illuminate the fa├žade, selecting the details that you need to highlight. A nice and soft beam that can illuminate the window profile without interference with the rest of the structure.


Smart Garden recalls the design of the classic abat-jour in a modern outdoor version. The area will gain a strong personality giving at same time a warm feeling.


A new round bollard with a clean design and all-round output. With only 7W we can obtain a 6 lux average on a 25m2 area.


Adding a driver to the range NUDUS, we have obtained the same luminous flux with less power and more resilience to phenomena of flicker.